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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Getting the tree

We will be going to California for Christmas this year. We thought we should get a tree as soon as possible so we got some time with our tree. Out we went the day after Thanksgiving! IT was really cool as you will see. And because of that you will not see Dominic's face! Taylor loved it! We were going to get a small tree like last year. (just a little bit taller than Dominic, is the rule.) But they didn't have the small ones in yet and Dom really wanted a BIG tree. So here are picture from our outing to get a Christmas tree. It is cold.
Taylor amongst the trees.
Me and Taylor with OUR tree. She's done, this has to be the tree!
Daddy and the kids with OUR tree.

Holiday Wishes


Friday, November 30, 2007


We decided, since we've been saying that we would for 5 years, to go to the parade in New York city. It was a beautiful day. 65 degrees and clear! We even found people from our ward right in front of us. Their son Alex (same age as DOm) and Dominic sat on the curb and watched the parade. Since he was up with Alex I didn't get to see his reactions. But boy did we see Taylor's. Afterward Dom said he liked Charlie Brown the best and "Old McDonald" (Ronald McDonald). Then an easy drive home and then over to the DOmiguezs for a great Thanksgiving feast. Fun fun day! Definitely and day to remember. How beautiful is this?
Dolly Parton started the parade!
Daddy and Taylor enjoying.
Taylor's favorite balloon!
The Crocodile Hunter's family.

"Old McDonald" Dom's Favorite balloon.
The M&M float.
Dom's Favorite float.

Sarah Brighten.
Trying to hold Taylor.
Mr. Potato head.
Taylor's favorite float.

How she reacted!
Wynona Judd.
And the big guy! Santa!

Dom and the confetti.
The crowds.
Yesuah, Cesar and Taylor
Some cute boys i know!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

First Snow

Our first snow!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mayflower Celebration

Last Sunday we went to celebrate the pilgrims with the Mayflower society. (Grandma, Grandpa and Thia Deb.) Dominic got to be the drummer boy this year. He lead the procession of children to make the offering during the church service. Surprisingly he was great! And needed no help in drumming and leading! Later we went and had a Thanksgiving dinner. Yum! Big highlight (other than seeing Grandma, Grandpa and Thia Deb.) was to see Hope. This is Jonathan's cousin. She is Denise's brother's (Uncle Bill) oldest daughter. She was lots of fun and great to see her! Thanks again to family for inviting us. We always have a great time!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Dominic's Preschool Party

Monday was Dominic's class Halloween party. They sang songs, we played games and ate great food. When Dominic was on stage he didn't sing like he had sung at home so the above videos are him doing it loud and clear.
Showing off their costumes.
Taylor wanted to walk with them.
Back of a ladybug
Some cute kids i found.
Spider man!

JOnathan turns 27!

Sunday was Jonathan's Birthday. We had enchiladas and Whitney Wright salad. Brian and Amy came over. Amy brought her famous guacamole. Yum Yum. Happy Birthday Honey! Tasting the cake
Taylor enjoying the frosting.
Excitedly opening gifts
All worn out. Testing out his new blanket.
Brian and Amy came. Thanks for coming!
Taylor in the blanket harness.
More Tricks.