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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day

(gives me chills)
We had a fabulous Memorial Day. In the morning we went to get donuts and saw the parade in town was about to start. Jonathan was going to go play soccer, so we (Jonathan and I before he took off for soccer) got the kids in the wagon and I began to trek over the cemetery to the parade. As I went through the cemetery I could hear the music from the parade and was worried we would miss the whole thing. Well, my running up a hill with kids in the wagon paid off. We got to the parade just as it was passing us. In fact we had such a prime location that it was like having our own personal parade. People in the parade honked horns just for Dom and made comments on the kids in their patriotic outfits. A marine in the parade took our picture and got our address to send us a copy! It was like the movies with those small town parades. I love the east cost for the small towns with all this history. The cemetery I ran through has revolutionary war victims.
After the parade we got ready for the ward BBQ and headed to it. The event was a lot of fun. Time to get to know people in the ward (now that we have combined tow wards) and fun water fight for the kids. Dominic had a great time and loved playing with all the kids. Taylor was adored by many and was squished tons getting all the attention she wanted! A wonderful day.
Watching that parade as they had people dressed up in uniforms from all the wars made me so thankful for those who have served this great country. What they have sacrificed for my freedom. We are so blessed!


Nice car

The kids all dressed up in patriotic colors watching the parade.

Union Soldiers
These soldiers fired off their muskets.
Dominic and Taylor on the bridge in the cemetery
Jonathan and Taylor at the Ward BBQ
Dom and his partner
Clay McAlmont in the thick of it.
The gang loading up.
Wyatt ready to roll.
Dominic on the hunt.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Mother's Day

I had a wonderful Mother's day! In the morning Jonathan made breakfast. Yummy pancakes! Then to church where I sang with some sisters in ward in sacrament meeting. We were house sitting for the Jensens (a family in our ward) and so Jenny (their niece) was with us for Mother's day. She's a lot of fun. Before dinner (while Jonathan was making it) we went on a walk. The Lilacs were just blooming and the smell was wonderful. Then home for a great dinner. It was a great Mother's Day. Taylor and I in front of the Lilacs.
Dom that cute kid!
The table set for dinner. (notice the lilacs jenny pick and set the table with!)
Laughing Taylor
Jenny and Taylor
Taylor with Lilacs

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Our Visit to York

Last Saturday we went down to York to visit Gammie, Grandpa Don, and Aunt Deb. We had such a wonderful fun time! First we went to a Children's Expo with car building, bounce and play and all sorts of fun stuff! Then off to Cheeseburger in Paradise for lunch. So yummy! Can you believe more? Yes, then to Chuck E. Cheese. What a full exciting day. We had a lot of fun and it was great to see family and visit with them! Thank you Grammie, Grandpa Don and Aunt Deb! Good luck Aunt Deb on Saturday at your graduation. The Prices with Winnie the Pooh.

Great Grandpa Don Helping Dominic build a car.

Daddy and Taylor hanging out.

Dominic fixing the bear. What a great doctor!
All of us at Cheeseburger in Paradise. ( I was taking the picture)

Dom the Doctor King (as he called himself) at Cheeseburger in Paradise.

Taylor at Chuck E. Cheese.

The tongue again! (she loves her tongue.)

Aunt Deb and Taylor.

Dom, Great Grandpa Don, Taylor and Grammie having some fun.

(Taylor's face turned from smiling to this as I took the picture, she was really happy!)

Playing at the Park and at Home.

Some pictures from fun times we have had recently!
Taylor's chubby feet in some really cute shoes!

Jonathan and Dominic in the sandbox. (I can never the front of them!)

Boy that bottom lip tastes good.

"I'm so coy"
Happy Taylor.

We left Dom alone for 10 min. and he found some painters tape!

The ball of tape after we all cleaned up.

My double chin girl.

What a handsome boy!

Taylor playing with her dogie from Megan.

These are those toys that get bigger in water. They are about two inches when you get them and after a night in the tub here they are!
Taylor and her dolly.

Upside down!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Our 5th Anniversary

So last weekend Jonathan and I went away for our 5th Anniversary. We went on Friday to Cape Cod and then Saturday to Newport. What a trip. The weather wasn't optimal, but it never rained on us. We were very blessed. We went into a restaurant for dinner Friday night and it pored after we got inside, then stopped when we had finished our dinner. We had a lot of experiences like that the whole weekend.
On Saturday we went and visited two mansions in Newport. Wow what you can buy with a lot of money! We saw the Vanderbilt Mansion first called the Breakers. 70 rooms, 23 bathrooms, largest kitchen in Newport, a bathtub made of one solid piece of marble, on and on, WOW! And this is their summer cottage that they lived in for 8 weeks out of the year. If you are out here you must go and see the mansions, beyond unbelievable.
Thank you so much to the Hathaways, Singers and Dominguezes for watching Dominic and Taylor and making this possible!
We have had some great anniversary celebrations, but this I think was best. Because we had a lot of driving and that made for a lot of time to talk and enjoy each other! I can't believe it has been five years. It has been a very up and down five years, but the best of my life! I'm so grateful for Jonathan the man he is and how he gets better everyday!It's been 5 Years!

ME at the Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory.

Jonathan with the lighthouse.

The Highland Light. In Cape Cod.

Me being silly.

Cape Cod!

Front of the Breakers (the Vanderbilt summer cottage). Oh and my Husband.

Back of the Breakers with a handsome man.

Front of Rosecliff, where we want to Taylor's wedding reception some long far off day!

Back of Rosecliff. Above the steps is a fountain that was in the Great Gatsby.

Jonathan in front of Rosecliff.

I am the lion.

My sexy husband!
(oh at the Tennis Hall of Fame.)