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Monday, August 20, 2007

Downtown Boston

(should have been on bearskin neak post)

On Saturday night we slept at a hotel. In the morning we went to eat the continental breakfast. It consisted of muffins and a few apples, not what we thought it would be. We had bread eggs and bacon, so we did french toast and bacon in the room. The smoke in the room set off the alarm. (The windows only opened 3 inches so it soon became full of smoke in the little room.) When that was all over we head to church at the Cambridge ward. (where my dad attend church as a new convert to the gospel.) It was a neat experience to be there in that chapel. On to Boston and walking the freedom trail. Then run by Mike's Pastry on the way out of town and headed home. It has been a very nice trip. We are so glad the Domiguezes joined us. Lots of fun.

When DOm woke up at the hotel he came running into our room saying he saw a Oreo truck out side. We were sure he had had a dream and didn't realise it was in the dream. HE said, "come look!" He pull open the curtain this is what was there. A very happy Dominic!Out side the Old South Meeting House. (where Samuel Adams gave the signal to start the Boston Tea party and Benjamin Franklin was baptized.)
Our patriots.
Riding away.

"Do you like my hat? no I do not like your hat, good bye, good bye."

Sitting in the Boston Common.
Yeshua and Taylor.
Cesar, waiting for a ride!

"Where every buddy knows your name!"
Tuckered out Taylor.
The girls in Beacon Hill.

House in Louisburg Square.
Louisburg Square. (caroling started here)
"I think I can"

Beacon hill.
Nothing better than a stop at Mike's on the way out of town!
Old North Church.
(my great-grandfather kept the grounds here. Oh and something happened here, not as important.)

Bearskin Neck

Saturday afternoon off to Rockport for lobster. We had a ton of fun looking at shops and playing around! Motif #1. MOst photographed building in the country.
Pamela's first lobster.
Also Cesar.
The kids loved playing with the claws.
DOminguezes being silly!
Family picture facing the sun, oh well.

Roy Moore's is the place to get lobster! Kenny is still there!
Enjoying some accrodian music.
Playing on the rocks at Rockport.

Taylor happy baby.
THe Domeguezes!
So cute!

The beach at Rockport. (you know the people)
While we packed up, the boys played a the park.
Rockport, MA

Camping and Wingaersheek Beach

This last weekend we ( us, Cesar, Heather, Pamela, Abuala, Wyatt and Yeshua) went up to Massachusetts. We arrived at 1 am Saturday morning, set up tent and slept. (well as long as the kids would let us.) Then breakfast where I introduced the Dominguezes to a Damiano tradition of fritter pancakes. (You cook the bacon first and then pancakes letting them soak up the bacon grease and friterize!) Then the campground manager was talking to us as we packed up and told us of a beach 5 mins away. He had vouchers for a discount and talked up the beach, "it the best beach on the haba (harbor)". So we checked it out. OH my, I think it is my fav. MA beach. To bad it was so windy. (see pix) The cooking crew!
Abuala and Taylor. Taylor's first camping trip.
Dom hanging in the tent.
Yummy! I love camping food.!
Cesar loving the fritter pancakes.
Yeshua finishing breakfast.

Little windy!

The tide is out and made a little pool among the rocks.
Heather and Wyatt

Taylor and I enjoying the waves.
Cesar in the tide pool.
Boys playing in sand.

Dom is enjoying his hard work.
Trying to fold things up in the crazy wind!
Wingaersheek Beach!

Loving Having My Camera!


So we purchased a new camera and have been have a blast! here are some pictures of home life! Precious!

dom so cute
i love the eyes!
"yes, i'm so crazy i wear a lampshade on my head!"
dom took this picture, not bad

dom has become quite the artist.
TV watching
"i just had to wake him up"

oh lovies
so sweet

it is good enough to eat
"What ya gona do?"