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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Picture Princess

Olivia Noelle
10 months
Little girls and girls dresses from Shabby Baby.

Olivia is the sweetest Picture princess there is out there. She loves to smile and she has the princess wave down pat.

Taylor Renee
2 1/2 years
Little girls and girls dresses from Shabby Baby

NO paragraph needed if you watch the videos. But every morning Taylor wakes up and says to me, "Mommy I want to put on a dress and be a princess, because I'm a princess!" She wears several dresses a day and a lot of the time, over eachother. She is my Picture Princess.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Super Heroes!

I came in the kids room to find these two. Spiderman and Supergirl. This was all done by them, Dominic helped Taylor.In action.
Taylor taking a punch.

mean faces.



Mistakes & Fun

Taylor took her lipgloss ring and colored her face.
Dom took these pictures.
Cheese head.
Eating desert.

Dom playing mouse trap.
Taylor learning from Daddy.
Grandma gets in on the fun.

The other day I wanted to go walk. It had been raining for a few days, but there was a break in the rain so I headed out. The girls fell asleep, so I thought I would walk some more. We then got caught in a hail storm far from home. The girls loved it because I covered them under the blanket. I was sopping wet and got a really good workout in trying to sprint home in the hail.
It looks like a nice day, but the clouds would gather and down came hail.

Happy girls.


Bass Pro Shop.

A few weeks ago we went with Jonathan's parents to the Bass Pro Shop. Oh so fun. The kids had a blast and so did Jonathan and I. All the stuff animals, fun camping stuff and the boys loved shooting the laser guns. Thanks for taking us Pappy and Yaya. Jonathan and his girls.

I guess what a dad is to teach his son.

Pappy and the girls.

Taylor takes a try.

He aims, he shoots.

Taylor, pappy and dominic sit with the wild life.

Our cowgirl.

Yaya and Olivia.

Two cute kids.

Dom's driving home.


Feb. 12 Jonathan and I went to Wicked. It was our Valentine's gift to each other. We had wanted to go in NY, but never had the money. Jonathan, through his work program, found great tickets back in Oct. last year. So we got some and told mom and dad about them. They were going to come with us, but Dad had to go on a last min. trip to Italy. So Grandma came instead. It was so much fun! We ate dinner at the Market St. Grill. So Yummy! The across the street to see Wicked. This is something everyone should see before they die. So good. It wasn't till we were taking pix outside the restaurant that I realised that three generations were going to Wicked together. What a great experience that I will remember forever. The sign outside the theater.
Did you know that Wicked started in San Francisco at the Currant theater?
Little fact.
The view of the city from the Bay Bridge.
Through a window. Bridge at bottom of picture.

Jonathan and I in the restaurant.

Three generations!
(Would have been four if Megan wasn't so great and watched the kids, Thanks again Megan.)

Mom, Jonathan and grandma.
What a great man who loves to be out with is mother-in-law and Grandmother-in-law.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

San Francisco

We went into San Fransisco with the Clarks after New years. First it was to the firehouse museum. Where there were horse drawn firetrucks. The kids got to ring bells and sit in some trucks. Then we went to ride a trolley. The line was really long so we thought we would walk up the hill and take the trolley down. Well it was quite a hill with five kids and all the trolleys coming back were full. Finally Jeff ended up walking back to put quarters in the meter and we walked further up to get a trolley. For those who have been to SF, we walk from essentially Fisherman's Wharf to almost Union square. We were pretty tired, but we got our trolley ride. Next time we'll take the trolley up and walk down! Rocco and Taylor and the fake firehouse dog.
Dominic and Benjamin driving the truck.

Ben with Firehouse bell.
Olivia and the flag.
These two were so cute all week together. Cousinly love.
So us hiking the hill.
Almost to Lombard st.
The view from Lombard.
Jonathan atop Lombard st.
Crookedest st.

This should be an album cover.
Christina saved us by having gumies to keep the kids waiting for the trolley. We waited here for 30 min. Then walked up higher.
Taylor says, "NO more hills!"
Loving gumies.
The view of the golden gate bridge from the trolley.
SF Trolley.