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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Prop. 8

Ok so we have had quite a time with Proposition 8. I have had many people say we are mean for wanting this to pass. How intolerant and mean it is. What a lot of people don't know is that it doesn't take away any cival rights. It just makes it law that marriage is between a man and a woman. Who would have thought it would be mean to say something like that? It passed back in 2000 with 61% of the vote. Then judges overthrow it. Talk about the voice of the people. It passed last Tuesday at 52% of the vote and some are mad that people getting their voice back.
Would people be mad if Alcoholics wanted sepcial rights? I mean some are born that way. The point is not that I dislike anyone. God said love everyone. But I have to protect my children and teach them that there is sin and what sin is. That is what homosexuality is a sin. Why have people forgotten that? I'm not even forcing my religion on them if they want to sin. Just don't teach my kids in school that it is good. And put homosexual physical practices in their heads.
Another thing is that homosexual couples are taking away the rights of Christians. Several doctors and Churches have been sued (and won) because they refused to let them be married in a church that believes it is sin or to artificially inseminate them. There are plenty of other doctors that will do it and other Churches that want them married there, but some Homosexual couples want to take away their rights and make the Churches and doctors do it. It has become not "let us do what we want". It has become, "we will do what we want and you have to say it is right. That your beliefs mean nothing and you have to say what we are doing is right!"
Now the Mormon church is being blamed. 5% of the yes on 8 vote were Mormon, yet our temples are being picked and desecrated. Were is the tolerance now? I love the following article. Please read and let us all pray that right will prevail.
Here are some pictures of us waving signs. It felt good to stand up for what is right! To show my children that we have a voice and that we must stand up for what is right! We never said anything mean, just stood and smiled even though people flipped us off and yelled bad things. Thank you to all of those who helped this proposition pass. I thank you as a mother who wants to teach her children what is right and not let the wicked say bad is good.

Dom a light on a hill. (literally he glows in the dark!)

even Livie got in on it!

we love to stand for right!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Taylor is Two

We celebrated Taylor's birthday on September 14th. It was so fun. We had help cleaning up Grandma's porch so we could have the dinner out there. We had pizza theme and lots of different pizzas. Veggie, Fruit and then the common pizza. (thanks to those who helped!) The cake was a strawberry my little pony cake. It was fun to have family around. Me and birthday girl.
Disney princesses
Luke, Sarah, Daniel and Taylor. (jonathan's sister husband and kid.)
Pappy and Uncle Will
Yumm, cupcake.
Cake face.
Daddy trying out the towel from Yaya and Pappy.

Great-grandma and Taylor
Pappy and yaya
Luke in action.
Olivia with her curels twisted out!

THe back porch with Sarah, Jonathan and Olivia
Princess Taylor