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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The River

On Saturday the Coopers joined us in floating down the Delaware river. It was the perfect day. This year we added a new floatation vessel. The fun station island! It is fabulous. It is 11 feet in diameter and has netting in the middle to allow you to soak and let the kids play in shallow water. So wonderful I'm glad we got it. The weather was so nice and the river the perfect temperature. We plan on going every month this summer. All those interested call us we would love for you to join us! We miss all our previous floaters and wish they could come visit and have a huge water party! Our family at the Delaware Water Gap!
The crew waiting to sh0ve off!
Happy Ethan ready to go!
So cute!
Eating orieos and floating.
Jennifer and Ethan. (look at those cheeks on Ethan!)
Blake relaxing!
Our mighty rower.
Dominic found his own little hole in the Funstation.
Hanging out on the river.
Jonathan worn out.
Beautiful Day!


The other night we had a blackout. It lasted about 3-4 hours. It was sort of fun to be able to use all those smelly candles of mine. You walk from room to room smelling hazelnut, peach, apple/cinnamon, etc! Dom after awhile went to clean the car with daddy (as that was the only place with light and power. Dominic ended up watching Spiderman in the car. (he's an addict!) We were afraid it would last all night, so we went to the store to get ice for the fridge. When we got back to the house all the lights were on. We had bought some ice for our upstairs neighbor too! So after giving him one (instead of the two we bought for him.) we were stuck with three big bags of ice. A freezer full of ice! but it was lots of fun!Dominic and the frontroom.Our room.
Dominic watching Spiderman.
Taylor joining in on the fun!

Water Fun

Last week Joyce Hanchett and her boys were out. We met at Hackettstown pool and had a great time playing, talking and being together. Dom was so happy to have friends to play with. Amy and her mother were there also and it was quite the party! I'm sad I don't have a picture of Caleb jumping off the high dive. Yes, he is jumping off the high dive now. He is fearless! Too cute for words!
(Dominic and Dallin)
Taylor and me!
Taylor not sure if she likes it?

What beautiful women!
Having tons of fun.
The day has taken it's toll!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day

Jonathan had a rough Father's Day because of the bad sunburn he got on Saturday. JOnathan (and consiquently I) was up all night with hot and cold flashes from the sunburn. He wasn't able to get out of bed most of the day. But when I came home from church, he was able to eat dinner, open presents and eat cake. Then it was talking to the dads. (my dad and jonathan's dad) We wish al the dads a Happy Father's day! Daddy and Taylor.
Dom stuffing his face.
Dominic loving Father's Day.
Taylor and me
Happy Jonathan and Taylor.

"The Shore"

So on Saturday we went to the "shore". They call it that in New Jersey. It's good they do because the shore is nothing like the beach I grew up with! When we got there Jonathan and cesar went to go boggie boarding. THe lifeguard said they couldn't with out fins. Fins? Crazy! So Heather and I went to the local Kmart and got fins for the boys. Off they went trying to walk to the water in fins. (Pretty funny! Definatly worth going to the store to get them.) Then they were pulled out because they weren't right in front of the lifeguard tower. (which by the way were ruffer water.) Then to top it off, Cesar went to catch a wave and the lifeguards thought he was struggling for help and ran out into the water to save him. Then after Taylor was taking a nap I decided to go in the water. I got up to my thigh and they said I was too far out! Enough, if they weren't going to let us swim they should have told us that before we paid $8 a piece to get on the sand! We decided we will wait till August in California to go to the beach. We are done with the "shore"! Should I?
Oh, I guess I will.
All decked out for the beach!
So this shows he did use sunblock. Too bad he went right into the water. He's paying for it now!
So cute!
The sand caught him!
Taylor clapping with happiness.
Taking time for lunch. (They don't allow food on the beach.)
About to go in myself.
Taylor had had enough.
Cesar too!
Dom's creation.
Jonathan and Dominic done.
Dom couldn't keeps his pants up. And that is wear he got his sunburn.
The shore!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My Birthday

So we celebrated my birthday yesterday, because I have a meeting tonight. We went to my favorite restaurant Chevys! Cesar and Heather came too and it was a lot of fun. Then home for cake, ice cream and presents. Thank you to all of you that have sung Happy Birthday to me on the phone and for all the cards. You made this day special! I turned 29!
My Cake!
Heather and Taylor. What cute girls!
The boys at Chevys!
The Dominguezes and Taylor.
My handsome husband!