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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sick and no Spring!

Well we have been spending a lot of time at home the last couple of days. Snow and sickness has caused us to do so. But I thought I would put up some new picture and a couple of videos. The one of Dominic and Josh is from times when we were more active! Lets hope we can get out soon! I mean it is suppose to be spring!
Boy does she have green eyes!

Taylor so happy she can sit!

"I love my feet."

Dominic has been sick. This is how he spent the day. Poor dom!

" I turn 6 months today!" (march 14th)

Monday, March 12, 2007

Baby Story

So we finally got our air date for Baby Story. It will be airing on May 14 at 2pm. Now I'm not sure how the air times work across the country, so check TLC where you live. It would be the first Baby story in the afternoon. We'll see how it goes!

"I want to be an Astronaut"

Last night Dominic put all this on, including the Superman shirt and the Cars shorts over his footie PJ's. Hope you enjoy!" I believe I can fly."

Don't mess with this astronaut.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Heating Up & Cooling Down!

Well we have had some interesting days. Last month I was in my room cleaning up, Taylor was sleeping and Dominic was playing in his room. It seemed like Camelot. Then I smelled something burning. I ran from my room to the kitchen thinking it would be coming from in there, but it wasn't. Not in the front room, I was getting closer. I went to Dominic's door way and it was strong. Well the heater and water heater are across from his room so I checked, not there. I went into Dominic's room, not there. I checked the hall again, not there. I was frantic. Where could it be. Then I felt something to look in Dominic's lamp. I looked and there was batman on top of the bulb, burning away! Crisis averted!
Then just this Thursday night I came home from watching Gilmore Girls at a friends house. Jonathan had cleaned the whole house and things looked great. But there was something wrong, it was freezing inside the house. Jonathan said he had tried everything and the heater wasn't coming on. I tried for awhile, but to no avail. So we put the space heater in front of Dom's bed and kept Taylor in bed with us under the down comforter. Later that evening or early the next morning Dom came in bed with us also! We were so cold. The house was 50 degrees. Jonathan called the maintenance man and he came over in ten minutes. He asked why we hadn't called last night and I said I didn't want to disturb him at 11 o'clock at night. He said that that was why he gets paid the big bucks! He came in and checked the heater. Then he showed me where there was another emergency gas shut off switch in the house. The switch had been turned. I turned to Dominic and asked if he had climbed on a chair at flipped it. (as it was out of his reach.) He said no but that his friend had done it "last week". (which means to last night) Which it ended up being the case, a red switch is very enticing. Cold for nothing! But the maintenance man saw our water heater and said we need a new one and they will change it on Monday. So I guess some good came of the whole thing.
Oh life with children, never dull!Dominic trying to look sad. He thought it was pretty cool that Batman melted.
Poor Batman.

The lamp after the incident.

She has no clue that it's cold. It's just an excuse to wear her cute hat in the house.

Doesn't he look positive about the situation.

Monday, March 5, 2007


We are finally getting some snow in New Jersey. It has been so warm in December and January. So we are getting some snow in February and now March. Dominic was really happy about that and I can't complain because it has been such an easy winter. The first real storm we got mom and dad were on a trip to California. So Jonathan and I went to clean to snow for them. Because it wasn't just snow, but also a layer of ice, the snow blower didn't work. So we shoveled it. Which was great fun. After we were done it looked like the north pole.
Then the other day we got some more snow. I went to take Dominic out in it as he has been stuck in the house for weeks. We went to the park next to our house.I had no idea how hard ti would be with Taylor. Dominic and I would try and play and poor Taylor would get snow in the face. (And it wasn't like I could put her down in the snow.) It lasted only about 20 min. (But enough time to take pictures.) Then back in the house. Poor Dom, but Daddy took him out that Saturday.We are happy to be in the snow!

Not so sure any more.

Dominic making a snow angel.

Playing at the park in the snow.

My snow bunny!

" You can't see me!"

This was really fun! Popping the ice off the drive way was like pealing a sun burnt back. (the biggest back ever!) A favorite past time of my sisters and mine.

Taylor only came out for the picture. (a little too cold for her.)

It's like a scene from an Arctic video! (minus the house.)

The next day after cleaning the drive way.