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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Our visit to the Pumpkin Patch! The Fam!
Livie discovering pumpkins.

Daddy and Taylor bouncing.
Dominic Racing. (see video at bottom of post.)

Enjoying the corn maze.

Dominic and Ryan.
Over looking the corn maze.
Finding our way.
Doman's on the train ride.

Olivia being squishy
Pappy and Taylor
Luke and Sarah
On the train. Love luke's hat!
Taylor and Daddy.
Me and Livie.
Our friends Jenn and Brady!
Taylor and Jenn enjoying the pumpkin blasters.
Jonathan gets some shots in.
Enjoying the pumpkin blasters.
Taylor on the horse.
Dom on the horse.
Grandkids with Pappy!

People with kids will understand the following:
You start with one.
Then add another.
You add the third and some frustration starts to happen.
Now everyone is tired!
"just look up for a second" is what i call. (all but one.)
As good as it was going to get!
Taking pumpkins home.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Taylor is 3!

My little Taylor is 3! On the actual day we went to Sweet Tomato. (Taylors fav. resturaunt) Pappy and Yaya joined us there and Great Grandma Perona treated. So much fun. Then on Sunday we had cake and ice cream. In California it is hot in September and we have to A/C so Taylor's cake melted. Oh well! I love my Taylor and am so happy she is apart of our family. She wanted Snow White.
(see the dripping flowers in front, so sad.)
Daddy and the birthday girl.
(She has him wrapped! )

Thinking and drawing on her new board from Pappy, Yaya and Aunt Sarah.
She got a ton of books too. And Aunt Sarah made the cutiest bag. Every Sunday she asks to carry her "Own" bag.

Snow white from Grandpa and Grandma Damiano.

Also gloves and a purse.

All dresses up!
Daddy feeding Livi
Grandpa and Dominic.
Crew waiting to blow out candles.
So the mound of black is suppose to be a mine. I was going to make a cottage, but because it was so hot it kept falling apart. So we had to settle for a mound of dirt with jewels.:(
With Great Grandma Perona.
On her b-day with Pappy and Yaya.
Ice cream face.
Mommy and Taylor. (A little DOm.)
Crew at Sweet Tomato!
She loves beats
(Girl after her mother's heart!)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Water fun and San Diego Temple

So labor day weekend we went to Temecula. To visit with friends and to go to Disneyland for the first time the next week. We got to stay with a (sort of) old roomate of mine from college and her family. It was so fun. I love when you haven't seen someone for years and it seems as if no time has gone by! We got to go swimming in her in-laws pool, amazing. Then Sunday we went to the San Diego Temple. We thought it would be good to show the kids Heavenly Father castle before we showed them Sleeping Beauty's castle. We had so much fun with the Slussers that I got no pictures! Too much talking and playing. They were so kind to us, so thank you Slussers for letting us invade. My new fav. picture of all time!

Daddy and his girls.
Look what happy children all holding hands.
Look quick or you wont see it!

My three!
With Daddy and the temple.
Three in a row!
Dominic took this, not bad.
Beyond beautiful day.
My friends in-laws pool.
(I know you thought it was the resort we were staying at. )

All in the pool.

The only picture I got of a Slusser!
That is Mae with Dom and Taylor. Taylor still asks to go to Mae's house and play.
Little Olivia.

That's how good a time we had!