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Friday, February 22, 2008

To play in the SNOW!!

So we are finally getting some snow in New Jersey. We would get it and then just as it would stop it would start to rain. Then it was no fun to play in! So all winter they haven't played in the snow. I mean what is the point of living out here if you don't get to play in the snow, right? So it is still snowing hard out there, but we went out afraid that what has happened in the past will happen again. So here we are mid storm!My cute kids, loving winter.
MMMM, I just ate some.
so happy to play in snow finally.
girls having fun.
oh snow!
Our front yard.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Dom 5!

So this was Dominic's first friend birthday party. I had no idea what a boy party would be like. They are crazy! But lots of fun. We had homemade pizza, played Transformer Bingo, had a transformer hide and seek, cake, and watched the 80's Transformer cartoons on the wall.
This year when I asked what Dominic wanted for a cake he said, " One with the sprinkles in it with white icing." Simple enough. Then what do you want it decorated as? " I want the SCENE from the end of Dad's Transformer movie with Optimus Prime and Megatron fighting in the city on the buildings." Yeah, not so simple. I tried. Below are some pictures from the party. Wyatt, Dominic and Isacc eating pizza.
Joshua and Dallin also eating.

Daddy enjoying the festivities
The prize for getting BINGO was a transformer shirt. (which I made.)
Dom's complicated cake.

Optimus and Megatron battle it out.
TAylor loving that she gets to be part of the fun.
Dom ready to open presents.
Wyatt and Dom.

Dallin and Dom
Making sure the party blowers work!

Happy Birthday Dominic!

Ready for cake.
Daddy cutting it up.
All the wonderful presents. Thank you everyone!
Our Transformer crew!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Here are some happenings at our house!
Taylor has some interesting ways and places to sleep. It would be one thing if this was a one time occurance, but really it's most times she comes into bed in the morning!
Dad (weak sauce) Rocks Taylor to sleep. Can we say spoiled!
Taylor playing.
I came home to this! Who rules the house?
Dom takes over!
Taylor is so crazy!
Dom is now a CTR in primary and got his first CTR ring!
So I am very destracted as a mother. With this pregnance I forget everything. I was on the phone with Fran and making a cheese sandwich. When I had to goto the bathroom. In the time I was gone to the bathroom I forgot about the sandwich! As a result one side got very black. The sad thing is I didn't want to waste good cheese and served it to my kids. I don't know what is worse, they ate it or I served it. Oh I need my brain back!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

New Years

For new years eve we went to Discovery Kingdom. It was very cold, but fun! Then home to Prices to play games. A very good way to start the new year. With family! Price boys ready to ride!
We got to see these people at the park too.
Riding Thomas
Taylor looking at sharks.
Dom loved the sharks.
Dom in fake snow.

Watching the dalphin show.
Tallest Christmas tree.
Didn't make it to midnight!
We did!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

San Francisco

The day after Christmas we (as extended Damianos) went into the city and had a lot of fun. It started with lunch on the Marina Green eating Lucci sandwiches. (a family tradition.) Then a ride across the Golden Gate bridge and a breath taking look at the city. Then the group split with some going to a park in Golden Gate Park and other to CHinatown. The meet back up for Dinner at mel's Dinner on Lombard. On to Ghirardelli for dessert. What a fun day! Dom and Ben.
Ben going down the slide at the park in golden gate park.
Jonathan and Taylor with San Fransisco in the background.

Dom taking a look!
Dom going down the cement slide at GGP.

Dom, Rocco and Tayloe having fun.
Ben on top!
Ben giving Aunt Aria a ride!
Daddy helping Taylor get a drink.

Ben Enjoying his ice cream at Ghirardelli
Dom and me.
Daddy and Taylor again witht he water!
Ben really loving his ice cream.

Taylor figuring out the cone!
I love this picture. (Dominic and Rocco)
Aria and me having fun.
Jonanthan and me out front.