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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Swimming lessons and First day of School

SO before school started I got Dominic into Swim lessons. At first it was hard to get him in the water, he was afraid he would drowned. The next day he asked Jonathan to take him to swim and practice for his next class. That made all the difference! He did so well from then on that they said he should be in a higher level. Yeah Dom!
Grandma stayed after her class to see Dom swim!
Practicing with daddy. Taylor wouldn't get out even with purple lips. She loves the water.
Livie a bathing beauty
So cool, waiting for swim lessons to start.

Aunt Aria came once. Dom was so excited he kept telling everyone in his class that that was his aunt!
Olivia always good waiting for the class to end.

Dominic is now a Kindergardener! I know I feel so old!
So I was fine and thought I wouldn't cry at all. Dom defiantly didn't! Then Mrs. Beyer (his teacher) handed me a note and a bag of things. It said how grateful she was to have my child and a bunch of mushy stuff. I came with Chocolate and cotton ball to dry my tears. I lost it!

Ready to go.
Showing off the backpack!

Showing cool moves.
Kisses !
Looking forward to learning.
Walking into class!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Camping in the Big Trees!

So in September We went camping with Jonathan's family. It was so much fun! Thanks to them for planning and doing just about everything for that weekend! Even Setting up our tent for us. Master fireman!
Dom enjoying his lightsabor. Which we had to take away later because it was driving us nuts with he noise!
Yaya helping Luke walk on the big log!
Taylor and yaya, what a cheese!
Livie and her blue eyes! (for now.)
I love this tucked bottom lip pose.

Cute Sarah roasting hot dogs.
Husband. In the shirt I made him for father's day.
Enjoying for a first somores.
Yummy marshmallow.
Pappy and Yaya on the motorcycle.
Dom in bionical vision.
Daddy on the murdercycle. (oops did I slip?)
Taylor in the dirt.
Yaya packing us lunch!
Beautiful day!
I found Taylor just leaning against this rock singing. I should have videoed.

The shirt says it all!
Grandma, me and Livie. Dom took the picture.
Luke, Sarah and Daniel
Livie sleeping because she didn't sleep at all the night before.

We met the Shunemans and Grandma for a picnic lunch. So much fun!

Luke so cute!
What a cute couple.
Pappy making peach cobbler.
Uncle Jim almost smiling!!
Crazy Taylor.
They weren't kidding when they said big trees!
Dom again took this picture, he's so good!
Dom on the big stump.
All except Livie who was sleeping on the big stump!

Clorox Day

So in August Clorox had Family day at Discovery kingdom. It was a lot of fun. The Smiths came with us and made it a better day to spend with them! I had a bunch of pictures. But something is going on with my camera and so I lost almost all of them! This is what is left! Thank you smith's for making it a great day. Thank you Clorox for having such a fun event! Daddy and Taylor on a ride.
Luke looking at sharks!
Dom and the Green lantern that he won! There was a really cute one of Taylor and her Dora that she won. GONE! But a photographer for Clorox got it and it was on a slide show at Clorox that ran up around the building. Maybe I can get a copy from them!
I had Sarah take this picture because I was in none of the other picture that day. Funny it was one of the few that servived!