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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Warm Days in Jersey!

We are getting some warm days now and really loving it! The blossoms are almost in full bloom. (Which is great considering it was snowing on Monday.) So Saturday we had some time as a family, so we took the opportunity to walk around our little town of Hackettstown.
Ready to ride!

Dom so cool in Daddy's glasses.

Um, I'm fabulous in glasses from Aunt Mina.

Taylor didn't make it through the walk.

Almost home!

Today after dinner we took a walk around our neighborhood. It was great!

Today after a Sunday stroll.

Taylor in the dress Aunt Christina gave her.

"Oh what do you do in the summer time when all the world is green?"

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Update of Baby Story

So my friend Laura found this on Baby Story.
May 11, 2:00 pm
(30 minutes)

A Baby Story Baby Price -Long time couple Bethany and Jonathan are thrilled to be adding another child to their family. Having first met in high school, they never would have dreamed that all these years later they would be married and having their second child, a girl.

So I will continue to keep you updated to make sure it will be on the 11th now instead of the 14th.

Here is the link to the Baby Story Page at TLC.


Monday, April 9, 2007

Happy Easter

We hope everyone had a very happy Easter!Dominic & Taylor with what the Easter Bunny left.

Taylor and her basket.

Dominic (can you see that smile) and his Easter basket.

Happy Kids!

Happy Taylor!

Silly Dominic!

I just love those green eyes.

"What a suit!"

The full package!

Washington DC & the Cherry Blossoms

We went with the Dominguezs to Washington DC to see the Cherry Blossoms. It will look like a beautiful day, and it would have been if not for the wind, oh and the snow flurries. Consequently most of the blossoms we came to see had been blown off and all was left were the pink stems. But we did find a few trees with blossoms left. Since Cesar and Heather (the Dominguezs) had never been to Washington DC we went and saw some monuments too. You will see the kids all bundled up because of the wind. Dominic only got out once the whole day because he was too cold. But we had a good time despite the wind!Some Cherry Blossoms that weren't blown away!

Looks like a beautiful day. Very windy!

Cesar and Heather with Washington Monument.

(This is suppose to go later before the waterfall pictures, but I forgot.)

The FDR Monument is a bunch of waterfalls and walls, very cool. I think I would want this if I was to get a monument. Very serene.

Windy kids in front of Washington Monument.

The Fam. in front of the Tidal Basin. It was so windy the kids really didn't get out of there strollers most of the day.

The Jefferson Monument.

Taylor and Mommy, just us girls!

Taylor and Daddy, they are so cute!

Inside the monument are written the Bill of Rights.

Dominic finally got out from under his blankets at the Jefferson Monument.

Jonathan and me with cherry blossoms.

Taylor and me with cherry blossoms.

Cesar and Heather at FDR waterfalls.

Jonathan and me at FDR waterfalls.

Dominic at the FDR monument. Of course asleep.

Heather and Taylor at FDR waterfalls.

Taylor and me in front of waterfalls at the FDR Monument.

Lincoln Memorial. I cry every time I go because it's so awe inspiring.

Heather and me in front of some tulips.

The white house, as close as you can get. It had all this Easter stuff on the lawn.

Ford's Theater, where Lincoln was shot.

All bundled up from the cold windy day.

What a cute couple.

What a beautiful Temple!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Easter Hunt at M&M Mars

Blast from the Past April 2005 M&M Easter Egg Hunt!Dallin Hanchett, Dominic, Benjamin Clark, Carter Dunn, Caleb Hanchett.
Dominic, Bethany, Christina & Benjamin


Daddy trying to get her to Crawl.

On Saturday we went to the M&M Mars Easter Egg Hunt. To me it wasn't as good as years past. But who could complain about free candy! This is the first year Jonathan has been able to come. (Usually helping people move etc.) We were also happy that the Fischer could come with us also! A fun day over all.Our little Family! This is only part of the line for just 3-5 year old. Good thing we are associates. Our line was much much shorter.Some perks of Jonathan working for a Candy company.
Dominic cold and waiting in line.

Taylor waiting in line.

Dominic hunting for Candy!

Dominic, Troy & Anthony at the M&M

Jonathan, Taylor & Yellow at the M&M Crossing.