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Friday, November 5, 2010

Dad Turns 57

Love this!

Kids giving their cards.

Olivia hugs

Fun in Tilden Park

So Nate and Sandra were out for the reunion and stayed a few days. The girls and I joined them and Sarah in Tilden Park. So much fun, wish you Seables lived closer! Taylor enjoying the marry go round
Laughing Livie

So cute.

Zac and Joe go round!

Tyson riding that Roaster

Sweet Olivia
Rebekah entertaining the little ones.

Dominic is a Second Grader!

My cute Dom!
New backpack!

First in Line on the First day!

Perona Family Reunion

So this is the first year since we've been married that we have gone to a Family Reunion. It was the first for both Jonathan's family and mine. And Of course they were in the same summer a month apart. It was so much fun! Now I didn't take many at the Perona reunion. I'm the only one who takes pictures. So between camping, eating and lots of fun I didn't take many. Next time I'll be better. Awesome Rucker Lake!
Daddy taking Olivia and Luce for a ride.
(they were so dirty after, but worth it!)

Taylor and I believe that is Naomi Seable
(Someone correct me!)

We were in charge of game night.

Cute Olivia Seable.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Price Reunion

End of July we got to go to the Price Family Reunion. It was a lot of fun. Neat to see so much family and meet even more. Thank you to the Newmans and Grandma that made it happen! Olivia didn't last long on the drive out. (which was nice for us.)
Chocolate donuts.

Playing in the back seat.

Game time. I love that about the Price family. They play games!

We didn't even see Dominic most of the trip, he had so much fun playing with the boys! This is Hyrum in the picture with him.

More games!
Becca was so cute and painted the girls nails.
Olivia and Addy waiting to be painted.
Olivia's toes.
Taylor's toes.
We took a walk one afternoon to the pond. Olivia thinking she's a fisherman!
Addy and Taylor. These two had way tooo much fun! Wish we lived closer.
Rock throwing.
Sweet sleepy face.
On the last night we had a get together to get to know all the aunts and uncles and of cource Grandma. Thanks for being so kind with questions for me! It was so much fun!

More of that night.
Grace painting Olivia. Livi looks crazy, but it was such a cute picture of Grace I couldn't help it. Thank you Newman girls for including my girls. They had a blast.
And More game playing. There was no getting tired of it!
Olivia thought Sophie was so cute!
Playing with Trixie and Uncle Mike.

Addy and Taylor posing at the counter.
All the girls!
Daddy and Dom playing pin ball.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Camping with the Clarks

In June Clarks came up for a visit and we all went camping and to the beach. Lots of fun with great people. Prices camping.
My cute kids ready for breakfast.
The several tries to get cute above picture.


Zac Not sure about that Uncle Jonathan.
Photo's in front of tent.

Christina and Zac
Love this picture.
Boys having fun.
Little boys having fun.
Girls playing in the sand.
Taylor being Taylor.
Olivia being Olivia.
Daddy keeping Olivia from catching a wave.
Ninja Surfer
Cowboy Surfer.
Cute Jefferson.
Sleeping Zac.
Midget Jonathan
Rocco concentrating.
Jonathan catching a wave.
Fun was had by all. Thanks Clarks!

Watch Rocco!