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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Misc. Pictures

Ok so some sad news. There is a reason I haven't posted in awhile. First it was because Dominic did something to the computer and it was being fixed. Then last Saturday we were having a fabulous time floating down the river with friends. We were about 10 mins from the end. Our Funisland that we got this year popped a two foot hole. Everyone was fine, but our camera sunk to the bottom of the river! So two weeks of pictures gone! Here are some that I never posted from before. Enjoy!
Bath time

Just Playing Around.


Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Perfect day in Philadelphia

OK so there are a lot of pictures, sorry. But I couldn't pick, plus there were lots more that I didn't use. WE went down to Philadelphia on Saturday. The day started with cheese steaks at PAt's! Then to Betsy Ross's house where Dominic got to be part of the act and learn how to fence. Lots of fun, watch the videos. Then down to the main historic area. There were people dressed up, booths (where I won a t-shirt and the boys won transformers) , food and lots of fun. Then to see the liberty bell. Off to Franklin Park. It had a water fountain, play stuff and for the summer some sand sculptures. We began to walk back to our car the get blanks etc for the fireworks. We got a little lost and went down Elfreth's Alley. Wonderful accident. (More info. below.) To the Fireworks we went. The area were the concert and firework was crowded and on cement. On the way there we saw a park. So per Jonathan's sejetion we went back to the park instead. Pizza and the boys running and play made it the perfect spot. We even heard Shakakan from where we were. The firework we great and lots of them. Then back to the car where we thought we would be stuck in traffic for hours. Not so 10 min. and we were on our way home. We decided it was the perfect day in Philly! Where's Dominic?
Sword fighting.
Dominic gets to participate.
Our Revolutionary War fellows.
Captain Hook.
Little red balloon.
Boys talking about the new toys.
Blue Tongue!
More silliness.
Liberty bell, and my little belle!
Cesar being silly and Heather being cute!
I love the jelly shoes!
Yeshua and abuela.
My new fav. of Taylor!
Jonathan and me at Franklin Park.
The crew having fun!
Dominic playing.
Us in Egypt.
This is made of South Jersey sand and that's it!
Jonathan thought it would look more real with this kid in the picture.
Dominic's tired out!
Wyatt also done!
Taylor can take no more!
Yeshua never stops!

Elfreth's Alley is a National Historic Landmark. It is the oldest continually inhabited street in the United States. Many of the Alley's 33 houses were built prior to our nation's birth, some dating back to 1702. Most of the homes remain private residences today.
So cute!
Jonathan and Dominic down another part of the alley!
Boys with a cute storm door.Another adorable house.
Not the greatest of Jonathan, but look at that house.
The crew waiting for fireworks.

Jonathan hanging out.
Taylor and me waiting
I love this picture.

Enjoying the fireworks.
We also enjoyed them.
They were spectacular!